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Of course misinformation is strongly used against criminal justice reform: Learn more

Posted by Sara Cooper | Sep 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

Back in July, the California Attorney General's Criminal Justice Statistical Reports that lead to a response from Prosecutors Alliance of California about why the urgency of reform is always a threat to those that do not benefit from it.

PAC said it supports “victims of the criminal system” by dismantling “failed policies” of the current criminal justice system, by using science and commitment to the individuals within a community, according to the Davis Vanguard.

These “modern” solutions are presented as “slow-walking common-sense reforms,” said PAC, presenting that small changes can excel into transformative steps for millions in the long run.

PAC acknowledges its mission has garnered criticism from those that disagree with restorative policies and “modern solutions,” but dismisses the criticism as backlash designed to use misinformation to fuel fear, mentioned by Davis Vanguard.  

The organizational group, when focusing on how misinformation can improperly strengthen a specific agenda, trail towards those that are involved in the “red” wave.

PAC mentions that the intentions in using misinformation for pushing certain bills is to have a untouchable authority, not actually promoting justice or ensuring public safety.

Christine DeBerry, founder of Prosecutors Alliance of California, argues that when reforms aim to heal survivors, reduce recidivism, and end the proliferation of firearms that are a threat to public institutions, the reforms manifest into a safer community, despite the reforms seeming small at the time, according to the Davis Vanguard.

DeBerry claims that the 2022 Criminal Justice Statistical Report debunks the exclamatory anger of reform not being effective or having no purpose in being implemented into legislation.  

DeBerry said the AG reports list 74.9 percent use-of-force incidents resulting in serious bodily injury or death of a civilian followed a vehicle, bike or pedestrian stop. This statistic was popularized and began the writing of Senate Bill 50, also sponsored by PAC, where its reason was to exponentially decrease unnecessary traffic stops on the basis of racial profiling.

Rather than relying on disregarding probable cause to conduct stops via police officers, resources would be instead redistributed in approaching violent crimes in ways that would lessen racial disparities.

DeBerry ends by further endorsing Senate Bill 50 by stating that it “can save lives.”

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