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Prisoners Filing Lawsuits Against IDOC for Health Negligence

Posted by Sara Cooper | Oct 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

A diabetic prisoner has filed a lawsuit against the Idaho Department of Corrections and their medical provider for improper management and care for his medical requests, including a refusal of giving him inuslin which is a necessity for his wellbeing.

Jacob Frey, the diabetic prisoner, who resides at the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Kuna, was just one of the dozen defendants whom are all incarcerated at one of IDOC's facilities, suing both Centurion Health and IDOC employees for negligence in healthcare services.

According to the Idaho Statesmen, “In the 28-page lawsuit, Frey's Boise-based attorney, Craig Durham, alleged medical and prison officials refused to give Frey an insulin pump and glucometer to manage his blood glucose levels, often referred to as blood sugar, which has “fluctuated widely” since being in prison. Instead, Frey was dependent on medical staff to test his glucose levels and administer his insulin three times a day, the lawsuit said.”

The lawsuit also stated that Frey was permitted only to have a glucometer temporary while first being incarcerated at the Idaho State Correctional Center. Now, he has to rely on staff to give him insulin daily and now finally a glucometer.

Many complications have impacted Frey according to the lawsuit, with insulin arriving too early or his meals offered past a certain time that would've made his days easier. Food must be eaten within a shirt time after receiving insulin.

“Mr. Frey's diabetes has not been well-controlled for nearly three years now, despite his repeated requests for a common medical device that had controlled his disease in the past,” Durham wrote in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Centurion Health and IDOC officials told Frey that insulin pumps and glucometers are a security concern but didn't elaborate, mentioned in the Idaho Statesmen article. IDOC spokesperson Sanda Kuzeta-Cerimagic declined to comment, citing pending litigation.

Kuzeta-Cerimagic had also rejected to respond about the policies at IDOC regarding insulin insrtions and glucometers, along with Centurion declining to comment as well. More complaints from Frey and other defendants have been given in the past two years, with horrible treatment given back and further delays on many services.

More updates to come on this lawuit.

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