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Screenwriters Everywhere: International Day of Solidarity

Posted by Sara Cooper | Jun 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

It has now been the 7th week of the WGA strike, and negotiations between SAG and DGA separately with AMPTP have been ongoing since earlier this month. Contracts are ending, the turmoil has not been shifted, and WGA has been strong and tightknit with their solidarity. WGA is not only associated with the United States but their branches all around the world – from Ireland to South Korea to Israel and much more.

Other unions that compile of screenwriters and production staff are also in solidarity of the strike, and they are working together across the globe today (June 14th) to show their support and fight to keep screenwriting a career that is stable and well-compensated.

With members of the Writers' Guild of America on strike domestically, studios and their executives are in search of international writers to keep their productions moving accordingly. Fortunately, many writers outside of America are not budging and doing their part to assist with the strike.

The pressures of the writers to weaken their efforts in the strike are greater compared to the AMPTP coming back to the negotiating table at the moment; that doesn't mean this strike is ending flat-ended. SAG could possibly back out of negotiations in the upcoming week, and DGA might not go through with the tentative deal that has been the word going around in the entertainment industry. The picketing lines are in continuous expansion throughout the U.S. that are not just in the central locations of television such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta. Production also occurs in various areas such as Vancouver, Washington, and South Carolina. Many productions have been closed for multiple days and weeks due to signaling to the WGA from those who are a part of those working teams, costing Hollywood hundreds of millions of dollars and now leading into the billions.

Guilds from different countries and their labor mobilization to support the strike is making an impact that represents the fight of transitioning this current gig economy into a sustainable, lifetime career that values specialized craft and innovative writing for decades to come.

To follow updates on the WGA strike, Twitter and TikTok are the main sources of media to check and reach out for questions, developments, and effects on television and cinema companies.

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