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Why You Should Have Car Insurance Even If Your License is Suspended

Posted by Sara Cooper | Jun 30, 2023 | 0 Comments

Your driver's license can possibly be suspended if convicted of a serious driving offense, and privileges to drive can either be taken temporarily or permanently. Laws regarding motor vehicles and driving vary state to state.

Reasons why your driver's license can be suspended include:

  • An alcohol or drug conviction (DUI/DWI/OUI)
  • Underage drinking
  • Driving without car insurance
  • An accident that was not reported
  • Not appearing in court for an outstanding ticket
  • Not paying child support
  • Committing a hit-and-run accident
  • Refusal to complete a blood, breath, or urine test

Car insurance might not seem an investment when your driver's license is suspended, but there is importance in obtaining a plan:

  1. A coverage gap in car insurance can result in you paying higher rates when your license is reinstated and in need of a new insurance plan. Maintaining your policy can prevent this potential issues.
  2. You can face fines and penalties if your motor vehicle had valid license plates but is uninsured. This applies even if the car is not driven.
  3. If your motor vehicle has been financed or leased, carrying insurance may be contractually obligated regardless of your driver license's status.
  4. A hardship, restricted, or provisional license (titled differently depending on the state) can be applied for if you are eligible. This special license is only if you complies with your necessity to drive to work or a child's school. Car insurance will be required, and you would need to file for a S-22 form to prove you have met California's mandatory minimum insurance coverage requirements.
  5. Protection for your motor vehicle, whether it is being driven or not, can come in handy if something happens (Examples: stolen, struck by another driver, damaged from extreme weather). Repairs would need to be paid out of your own pocket if not insured.

If an insurance policy does need to be purchased, here are the steps to take while having a suspended license:

  • Applying for hardship, restricted, or provisional license is a requirement if you are in the market. Insurance companies won't accept someone with a suspended license, but they might with a specialized one. You would be classified as a high-risk driver under their ownership of the insurance company.
  • Looking around for the cheapest insurance that offers minimum coverage is possible, but make sure to get a selection of quotes to get your best buck. High-risk drivers pay some of the highest premium average, and your application and claim might not be accepted from some companies. You can also bundle insurance policies with homeowners, renters, or another policy with car insurance in order to make you plan more affordable.
  • Obtaining an SR-22 or FR-44 form is a mandatory addition to file with your insurer in order to prove that you carry liability insurance at the minimum. This certificate of financial responsibility can benefit your restricted license to becoming a temporary reality depending on your situation.
  • To possibly receive a lower rate on your insurance policy, a recommendation is to complete a defensive, safe driving course. You may be able to receive a discount by the car insurance company you pay your premium under.

Other important points with a suspended license include for more serious offenses, drivers would usually have to take an impaired driver program as a condition of reinstatement. In addition, the length of the suspension and the steps to get your license back will vary based on the state it is suspended in and the reason for the suspension.

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